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Burgan Shealy


Burgan Shealy headshot

Design and innovation leader solving big problems to increase global tech inclusion.

Burgan is an experienced design leader focused on building high-functioning teams and using human-centered methodologies to create a more inclusive global digital economy.

At Google, Burgan led projects to solve complex problems for Search, Chrome and an internal incubator focused on building products for new internet users. Working with Google’s philanthropic arm, Burgan partnered with multiple non-profits to provide strategic advice and promote innovation. Prior to Google, she worked at IBM where she took on design challenges in health, government, energy and retail.

Burgan began her career as an art director, contributing to an award winning redesign at Marie Claire magazine before moving to Oprah and Men’s Journal. Ever curious about the world we inhabit, she went back to school for a master’s degree in global affairs at New York University and spent a year working for a non-profit based in Gulu, Uganda.