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Carmem Domingues


Carmem Domingues headshot

Using Data Science and Technology to solve real problems and for social good.

A Data Scientist with almost 15 years of experience, Carmem excels at leveraging the tools of data analysis and technology to generate impactful insights to influence strategy, communication, business practices, and decision making, both in the private sector and in the public sphere.

Carmem started her career at Goldman Sachs and the World Bank, then worked on political campaigns, and later at startups and a major management consulting firm in NY, eventually dedicating herself to building her own Data & Technology consulting, serving clients such as startups, non-profits and international organizations.

She dedicates some of her free time to a science communication passion project on her social media channels and through speaking engagements. Using simple language, she shares information and helps clarify technical concepts, while bringing to the fore the complexity and social impacts of the widespread use of data, artificial intelligence, and technology across an ever-increasing number of aspects of our lives, inviting all of us to reflect and debate the use of technology across society.

Carmem Domingues earned her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Math at Harvard, and her Master’s in Data Science at Columbia University. Besides the US, she has also worked in London, the Netherlands and Brazil.