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Natasha Bansgopaul


Global FinTech leader and strategist with expertise in cross functional management, communication, and business development.

As the Co-Founder and COO of DarcMatter (DM), Konstellation, and VegaX Holdings, Natasha is an experienced fintech, marketing, strategy, and M&A professional with over 10+ years of demonstrated leadership experience via Fortune100’s and startups. As a fintech founder, she has increased the platform’s assets under management to $7.0 Bn, with users from 65+ countries.

Natasha holds an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University (PSU), and has successfully led her companies to secure numerous awards globally such as, “Startup of the Year,” NextMoney Global FinTech Finals, HFM Technology “Best FinTech Solution for Hedge Funds,” and “Best Blockchain Technology Provider” in the 2019 from

She has received notable recognition from prestigious organizations/publications, demonstrating her significant impact throughout financial technology. Of note, she was featured in FastCompany, Black Enterprise, Korea Times, Essence, and ThriveGlobal, in addition to receiving the distinguished honor of “Female Executive of the Year” and “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2018. In 2020, Natasha was recognized as PSU’s 2020 Alumni Achievement Honoree, recognizing achievements from alumni 35 years and younger.

With a passion for learning, business development, diversity and inclusion, financial literacy, and technology, Natasha continues to pioneer the need for change in the financial services industry via fintech solutions.